Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's about time!

I have been in Barbados for almost 6 months. Barbados is 430 square kilometres. Just the size of urban Ottawa is 357 square kilometers. It is slightly embarrassing to admit that I had not toured the country before yesterday. But at least we did it and since this week is a bit chaotic for me - my brother is coming on Wednesday! - this post might be dominated by photos. I have a feeling most people won't mind!
I did end up having a lovely weekend, involving celebrating a friend Ricardo's birthday (check out the snicker's decorated cake we got for him) on Friday and taking in a performance from Peter Ram, a popular bashment freestyle artist. Saturday was probably a contender for my laziest day ever in Barbados, and Sunday went surfing at Surfer's Point and first time I didn't get pushed into any waves. After surfing, spent the rest of the day on the island tour. Would like to give more details but need my rest right now, will update this later in the week hopefully.

Started by picking up a slew of great people pon de west coast, and saw him!

Finally made it to the North point - where do you want to go from here?

It's Animal Flower Cave (though we didn't go down in it - apparently the sea anemones for which it's named have mostly been washed away with rough weather the last few years.

So I made due with relaxing and taking in the amazing view.

Catching a rainbow!

This is Cherry Tree Hill (strangely no cherry trees) with a beautiful view to the Scotland district of Barbados, famous for the only rolling hills on the island and "ecky-beckies", White Barbadian descendants of prisoners and indebted servants.

I thought this was THE windmill of Barbados; apparently not.

Prime example of island erosion and the effects of climate change. That is a house. On a rock.

Pools at Bathsheba - should have brought my bathing suit!

Reminds me of a crazy straw!

Each parish has it's own parish church (so we saw quite a few). This one is where the former PM David Thompson is buried.

After going through St. Michael, St. James, St. Peter, St. Lucy, St. Andrew, St. John, St. Joseph and St. Philip, we go round past the airport and back home in Christ Church. That's almost all the parishes in one day!

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