Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ice Cream and Turtles

Setting the stage: It was the last night before our German friends Jens and Armin, who we met at the guesthouse we lived at temporarily before finding this house, were to fly back home. We met up after work, had some local eats, and went to the newly discovered ice cream place – Chilly Moo’s - very dangerous for those who know me well! Did I mention the “we” is Matt and Julie, the two other Canadians working at UNICEF and living with me? Basically these guys were our first basically only friends so far, and luckily Julie speaks some German because I have to hone my slow English speaking skills still.

So after food – and in case you were wondering I ordered a strawberry cheesecake milkshake, yum! – right, so after food, we went back to the guesthouse for drinks on the beach and some evening swimming.

The main event: After some swimming, myself, Julie and the Germans went back to the porch of the guesthouse to hang out. After about 10 minutes without seeing Matt, I decided to go make sure he didn’t get swept out to see since “Da sea ain’t got no back door,” according to the Barbadian proverb to deter people from swimming out too far. Nearby a shower station down the beach a little ways, I spot a scurrying, scantily-clad Matt yelling and picking up squirmy little things from the beach, then running towards the ocean. “We have to save the baby turtles!” “Hurry we have to save them!!” I grabbed the others and after taking the requisite adorable photos, we starting collecting the little guys and bringing them to the waves. Basically, the turtle eggs hatch in the evening, and innately the turtles flail towards the moonlight. The problem is, the shower station and surrounding development puts off an even stronger light, leading the baby guys in the wrong direction and towards attack-ready crabs!

Basically, we spent about 30 minutes collecting and saving close to 100 baby sea turtles. I felt like such the budding conservationist! Apparently you can volunteer to help do this on a regular basis, so I think I’ll look into that. Armin took the photos so I’ll post them when I get ‘em. For now, enjoy this snap of the Germans, Julie and I and pretend we are hugging palm-sized turtles a la Finding Nemo.

In other news and more on the ice cream front – since most of you know about my mini-obsession – there is an ice cream truck cruising our neighbourhood. And it’s exactly how you would picture it in your mind, ding-a-ling music and all. The first time I heard it, I ran out to the street but couldn’t find the source. This evening, as Julie and I were walking home from work, the truck whizzed past us! I set out in pursuit, literally looking foolish by waving my arms in the air. But unlike the busses here that stop and reverse towards you, the ice cream truck did not seem to care about the scene I was making. I saw him stop up ahead of me, but as I approached, and what looked like a school girl got out, he whizzed off again. Now I’m puzzled. A school bus disguised as an ice cream vendor? Will keep you posted!

And here is me running after a rooster, so imagine me wearing dress clothes, running after an ice cream truck in the dark.


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