Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little more excitement

We've basically been couped up in the training centre grounds, up to the main road and the few shops and bakery that line the opposite side of the road. I mean it's only been four days now, but regardless, it felt good to hop into the auto (three wheeled taxi) and go. We ended up going with five Canadians, Ankur - the hilarious Indian character who's laugh I liken to Rafiki from the Lion King, Sagar - with the most pronounced unibrow I have ever seen, and Ahmid. After we finished our class on culture and development, we walked up to the main road and watched as the Indians bargained our trip down to 10 rupees each (about 25 cents I think).

Warangal has a population of about 2 million, but it's pretty chaotic, at least compared to anything I have ever experienced. I'm quite looking forward to visiting Hyderabad on Sunday, which is around 8 million I'm told. I think not getting run over was a pretty big accomplishment.

We mostly wandered around the shops, in awe of the fabrics. Ankur bought some Jalebis - a pretzel-shaped sugar sweet (above picture). This was pretty weird eating fried sugar, and why didn't we think of that already?

We mostly just walked around, taking it all in, so nothing too exciting to report.

And today we moved on sustainable development, and our last day with Professor Rajnikath so that's awesome. It's a LOT of effort to understand his accent. We had some new Nepalese and a Bangladeshi join us today too, and just as I had almost memorized all the names.

We just got back from trying to play cricket, but they got tired of us after a few minutes and got into an intense game, so we just threw a ball around for a bit. One of the guys from Sunday's cricket attempt came later and we secured another lesson and game tomorrow before dinner.

Here's a photo I took from the third floor of a shop in downtown Warangal, trying to capture the functioning chaos:


  1. He told me that you guys work together, that's sweet! He's a really fun guy :)