Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter weekend egg-stravaganza

Pardon the pun. Actually my Easter long weekend did not involve a single egg - though my friend Custy had some chickens at his house who had laid some - and it did not involve any chocolate. I know, pretty shocking! But don't let the lack of these typical Easter icons fool you, I still brought out the child out in me. I had seen a lot of children flying kites over the past few months and heard that Easter as the big weekend to fly and make kites. Without enough time to make one - I didn't even know that was possible! - my friend Jason and I bought one to fly by a cane field in St. Philip.
It's definitely been a few years since I last flew a kite, but after adding extra tail to our little guy, it got some air. Not as sweet as the 26-foot record breaking kite flown here last week here, but I could not seem to wipe the smile off my face nonetheless. Apparently all the children here make their own kites with sticks or sugar cane stalks as the frame, a cut plastic bag to cover it and ripped bedsheets as the tail. I saw a toddler with his little newspaper and stick kite on my way home from work the other day. I would like to try making one - but with constant rain here the last week or two, I'll have to wait a bit longer.
I accidentally let go of the kite at one point, but luckily the spool caught itself in some cane not too long after I shot up and ran like a maniac after it. It also dropped in a distant field after the wind died down abruptly and by the time I reached it, it was about to be cut my a young boy on his bike. Got there right in time, but that kite clipping business is serious stuff here!
Saturday I relaxed and enjoyed some Ital food being cooked for me. Ital is basically Rasta food made with no salt, oil or meat (with fish as the exception) and using fresh coconut milk whenever possible. After opening up two old coconuts, chopping them, and blending and straining the mixture, Custy and Jason added spice and freshly ground nutmeg to make an amazing coconut punch. I later dreamed about this punch and hope to re-create it again soon.

On Monday, I woke up nice and early to join running buddy Rodders at Queens Park in town for a 10km run to Oistins, as part of the Oistins Fish Festival festivities. After a quick nap, I headed back to watch some of the goings on, sample some treats and take in the Greasy Pole competition. Essentially, a flagpole gets completely slathered with thick, yellow grease for machinery and a group of men try to climb on top of each other in an attempt to reach the prize money at the top of the pole - I heard it's $500 USD!

Definitely both amusing and heart-wrenching to watch as feet were shoved into faces and piles of bodies collapsed. Check out the winning team!

I know this post comes late and I'll make sure more ongoings get up here in the next month before I come home - time is just flying! Haha get it? Flying?

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